The new Historic Trail in Kells is set to add to the many things to do in Meath. It has been anticipated that the Trail will prove to be a major tourism benefit to the town and was formally opened by the Town Council member, Cllr Conor Ferguson. The new route takes visitors on a tour around the town which includes many of the historic sites of ancient Kell.

During his oration at the launch of the new tourist hotspot, Ferguson expressed his pleasure at witnessing the culmination of the project and acknowledged the diligence and efforts of officials within the Town Council of Kells and Meath Tourism for their efforts in directing the endeavour. He went on to give praise to all of the individuals and local groups which had offered their assistance towards the progress of the self-guided historical tour of Kells.

The area has a plethora of historical sites such as its monasteries like the Abbey of Kells and St. Colmcille's House. The walking trail is comprised of two walking pathways that stretch over 9km around the town and features 14 different historic locations within Kells. Each of these sites has display panels or commemorative inscriptions which provide information about the specific location.

The name Kells comes from the word Kenlis which is an Anglicisation of the Irish term 'Ceann Lios' or "head fort". The area was transformed into a garrisoned border town and was the scene of several battles in its time. In the rebellion of 1641, Kells suffered a burning by the O'Reilly's brought on by their assaults on the Pale. During this period a good war was one of many things to do in Ireland.

The Historic Trail incorporates magnificent locations including the early Kells Courthouse, which was masterminded by the famous Irish architect, Francis Johnston. It also showcases the Market Cross, St John’s Cemetery, St Columba’s Church as well as St Columcille’s House. The last is estimated to date back to the early 10th century. One thing is certain for travellers and locals alike, no one can say that they lack for things to do in Meath.