There is an air of mysterious elegance about having a winter wedding. The trick is choosing the right destination, though. You’ll need to decide on exactly what kind of aesthetic you’re looking to incorporate into your special day and then find the perfect venue to match. If you’re envisioning a snowy and enchanting affair, then Ireland is the ideal country to consider for this unforgettable experience.

Enigmatic Architecture

Gaelic buildings are some of the most ancient and beautiful in the world. Once the winter months arrive, these incredible structures are covered in a crisp layer of white - making them even more majestic and enchanting than usual. Locations such as Trim Castle can make the quintessential place for a wedding in Ireland, as it’s in close proximity to a number of hotels and is perched along the picturesque banks of the beautiful River Boyne.

From castles to hotels, you’re sure to find your ideal locale for the big day. What’s more, the Celtic community is incredibly friendly and will welcome your guests during the celebrations. Many Irish venues also have knowledgeable and friendly teams to help you plan the perfect way to tie the knot.

Exciting Entertainment 

Besides the majestic scenery and friendly people, Ireland also offers fun activities and exciting ideas for both stag and hen festivities. These are guaranteed to keep you and your party entertained, both before and after your nuptials.
The men can really let loose with some enthralling adventures in and around Dublin. For instance, bubble football, where people get into plastic, padded balls and enjoy a game of clumsy footie together. There is also the option of paintball shooting, which has different modes like speedball and capturing the flag so that the lads can have a blast all day long.
The fun is not just for the guys, though! There are also a lot of enjoyable activities available for the bachelorette celebrations, such as a trip to one of Ireland’s invigorating spas. The ladies can enjoy a pamper party with the bride or even just a relaxing massage before the big day.

For combined entertainment, there are multitudes of pubs, restaurants, and clubs for everyone to enjoy; these are usually full of local ale and some good ol’ Celtic fun. In short, these ancient streets are teeming with exciting things to do, all within walking distance if you pick the right accommodation.

Enchantment at Castle Arch

The Castle Arch is a luxurious hotel located in Meath, conveniently close to Trim Castle. You can browse through amazing offers for couples and families who are celebrating a marriage. The well-trained staff can help plan, tailor and cater for your every need before, on and after the big event.

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