We at Castle Arch know that weddings are a time of discovery. Whether it’s your dress, the décor or trying out menu samples, you start to explore options you never even knew existed. Instead of seeing this as a period of stress or tension, why not enjoy the experiences that come with the beauty of marriage?

The planning stage is the ideal opportunity to sample what you’ve chosen for your wedding, from the hors d’oeuvres to dessert. You want your meal to represent your culinary tastes and if you want each item to suit your theme, then it takes a little bit longer to decide on what’s best. Here is some simple advice to ensure that you pick the food of your dreams.

Leave the extended family out of it

Too many opinions are confusing and toxic. When you get a wedding package with a set number of options, have your own wits about you. A lot of conflicting ideas can deter from making the right choice. Perhaps you hate chocolate, but if your entourage pushes a different point of view (“all your guests will love chocolate!”) it will be that much harder to make a decision.

Don’t eat beforehand

Try not to snack a lot in advance of the tasting. What you consume and drink before can have an effect on your experience of the sampling. Ifyou’reextremelyfullbeforeyour appointment, it’ll deter you from enjoying the culinary experience. Conversely, being too hungry just means that most items will taste a few times more intense than they really are.

Bring your significant other along

You should both be part of the decision-making process. If the two of you can come to a consensus, taking into account preferences (and hopefully allergies!), then the wedding feast will not just be delicious, but both of your will be satisfied.

Be flexible

As with most things in life, can only seldom get exactly what you want, particularly if you have to take more than two people’s tastes into account. Your event coordinator can help you get the customised meal you need, and sometimes at an even more affordable price. Simply explore your options and keep your mind open to new ideas.

Meet the chef

When it comes to changing a menu, why not speak to the chef to see what he has to say? They have years of experience and tend to know how to manipulate the taste buds in the easiest way. He can supply you with different options, advice and even better alternatives to the sample.

Provide feedback

The right wedding venue and planner takes your tastes into consideration. This is a value that Castle Arch lives by. Give us your opinion, and never hesitate to ask for something different. We strive to make your special day perfect, so the more feedback we get about food ideas, the better equipped we are.

Remember that this is your day. Explore your options, ask questions and have fun. If you have any queries about Castle Arch’s menus or wedding packages, simply contact us.