Outdoor marriage ceremonies are truly enchanting. They enable couples to get really creative with decorations and themes. There are, however, a few things to bear in mind when going this route, as some aspects are not included in wedding packages or traditional planning books.

Delightful Do’s:

Many wedding venues in Meath, most notably hotels with picturesque gardens, are approved to perform civil ceremonies on their grounds. Should you decide to take advantage of the glorious beauty that nature freely offers, it’s important to:

• Know the legal requirements for outdoor weddings in Ireland. For this, you’ll need to consult the Registrar of Civil Marriages in the district of your venue. You’ll also have to ensure the person officiating your big day is on the country’s register of Solemnisers of Marriage.

• Plan for unforeseen weather conditions, whether it’s extreme heat, sudden winds or light rainfall. Hotel weddings often have indoor receptions that can accommodate the crowd in a pinch. At the end of the day, you want your guests to have a pleasant, comfortable and engaging experience.

• Decorate your surroundings. Garden ceremonies may come complete with aromatic flowers, willowy trees, and breath-taking views, but personal embellishments are needed to make your wedding unique. It’s easy to complement the colours of nearby flora with chair ties, ornaments hanging on branches or petals strewn down your aisle.

• Think about the overall comfort of your guests and wedding party. In warm weather, a fan, parasol, cold refreshment or shade canopy of some kind will go a long way. You should also bear in mind that older friends and family may need assistance at unusual locations or special seating requirements.

• Remember to compensate for insects. Certain smells will inevitably attract a few uninvited guests. What’s more, family and friends seated on grass or sand might be uncomfortable with beetles crawling over their clothes. You could try mosquito netting, makeshift flooring or citronella candles.

• Carefully consider where everything will be placed and performed. Guest may not enjoy facing a setting or rising sun, and ocean tides could rise up and soak the feet of attendees.

Disastrous Don’ts:

Despite seeing to the aforementioned concerns, some additional features could sour your auspicious occasion. For this reason, it’s essential to:

• Remember the restrooms. You’re responsible for ensuring that guests have a toilet nearby. It’s also wise to ensure that it’s clean, fully stocked with the essentials, and in working order. More importantly, people will need a basin in which to wash their hands.

• Avoid using candles as centrepieces. The slightest breeze could upset their flames and set fire to a plant, grass or decoration.

• Stay calm, and don’t let uncontrollable situations get you down. Some things can’t be managed or contained; such as disgruntled in-laws and the weather.

Rest assured that however you plan to celebrate this beautiful event, with or without a wedding package, it will be charming, gorgeous and memorable day for you and your partner.