The Castle Arch Hotel is located in County Meath, a place rich in sites offering a taste of what is arguably the most unique attraction in Ireland, the Irish cultural heritage. Named after the ancient kingdom of Mide, meaning middle, Meath is located in the province of Leinster , in the Mid-East Region of Ireland.

Meath is colloquially known by the nickname; The Royal County, due to its history as the seat of the High King of Ireland . This rich cultural history is embodied in Meath’s substantial list of historical sites, and exploring these sites is without a doubt one of the most intriguing and memorable things to do in Ireland.

The Hill of Tara is one such location, located near the River Boyne. It is an archaeological complex that runs between Navan and Dunshaughlin in County Meath, Leinster, Ireland. It contains a number of ancient monuments and, according to tradition, was the seat of the High King of Ireland.

By far, one of the most remarkable and popular of all Ireland attractions is a visit to a real castle. Guests at The Castle Arch are spoilt for choice with several breathtaking castles all within the borders of Meath. Visit the remains of Ireland's largest Anglo-Norman castle on the shores of the Boyne River. With an area of 30,000 m², this relic will enchant the senses and transport you to another time.

Meath also boasts superb shopping opportunities in small antique shops and quaint specialist food stores. The county’s long tradition of craft excellence will no doubt tempt visitors looking for unique, handmade gifts and souvenirs.
Meath really does offer something for everyone, and The Castle Arch Hotel, is perfectly positioned to allow visitors to explore its many hidden treasures. Get a taste of the greatest attraction in Ireland. Get a taste of Irish history.