The enchanting spell that a beautiful marriage ceremony spins can be ruined by long waiting periods and complicated proceedings. Couples can lend guests a helpful hand at the wedding event and venue by offering them programmes on arrival. What graces the page is entirely up to you, but we’ve listed a few favourites to inspire Ireland’s brides and grooms.

Traditional Elements

Customarily, wedding programmes are viewed as souvenirs your guests can keep as a record of the momentous occasion. They often make everyone feel more included in the ceremony, by introducing new family members to the bridesmaids and groomsmen. The names of other special people in attendance are also often documented, such as the parents of the couple tying the knot.

Couples who have felt the loss of important kin often choose to dedicate a section of their programmes to the deceased. Simply titled “In Memoriam”, these mentions are especially touching when those named would have played a role in the wedding, had they been alive.

How to Present Your Featured Names

Introduce people as you or they would prefer to be recognised. You might strive for uniformity, have the desire to show respect for guests with titled professions, or use informal, quirky nicknames. It depends on the style you want for your day and the relationship you have with your family and friends. This also applies to those who play a principal role in the ceremony. For instance, if your wedding party is gender-neutral, you may choose to list the bridesmaids and groomsmen as attendants.

Describe Unusual Wedding Rituals

If your marriage ceremony is non-traditional or interfaith, you can use a programme to explain any unfamiliar customs to your guests. It’s the easiest way to prevent confusion and keep everyone engaged. You could even include attendees in your wedding by asking them to repeat an Irish blessing or prayer that’s conveniently printed in your leaflet.

Reception Assistance

Though programs are usually reserved for the nuptial ceremony, they can offer invaluable direction in the absence of ushers. In addition, while hotel weddings usually display things like seating arrangements and menu options, other venues may not. However, not every guest has to receive this information on a personalised pamphlet. You can simply paste one in a location attendees have to pass, or make it a creative feature on a decorative board.

However, you decide to incorporate programmes into your nuptials, know that there are no rules about what to include or how to design them. In Ireland’s summer weather, you could even get practical and turn these handy items into fans for outdoor wedding venues.

When all’s said and done, it’s your big day and you’re allowed structure every detail just the way you like.