Rich in Celtic history that tells tales of Kings, Queens, Druids, Vikings, epic battles and Knights, there’s a host of sacred sites in Ireland that are waiting to be explored. From castles on hill tops, to ancient rivers and tombs that have no known date of origin, Ireland is undeniably an incredible destination to explore - filled to the brim with history, points of interest and wonder.

Turn back time

Ireland’s Ancient East is easy to navigate. Travellers to the region get the opportunity to uncover 5000 years of history through monuments, sites, towns and ruins. Additionally, you can take advantage of guided pilgrimages and day tours of some of the most exceptional and sacred places to visit, such as:  

  • Hill of Tara – Situated in County Meath, this sacred site is a complex of monuments and was allegedly where the seat of the High Kings of Ireland sat (142 of them), met and celebrated or conducted rituals. Having been around for several centuries, there are many myths, legends and folklores associated with the Hill of Tara, one of which being that St. Patrick travelled here after lighting the fire of Pascal. King Laoghaire summoned him to the Hill of Tara and was so impressed by St. Patrick that he gave him permission to convert the pagans of Ireland.

  • Brú Na Bóinne – Considered one of the world’s most important, prehistoric landscapes, this structure dates back to 5000BC. Comprised of a collection of passage tombs and other monuments, that spans approximately 780 hectares, it’s said to have been a place (or palace) where many ceremonies, rituals and other rites of passage took place. The layout and design of the structure has been studied in depth for its astronomical significance. In the 1963, a roof top box was discovered by Professor O’Kelly in the tombs, but it was only in 1967 that he observed the perfect beam of sunlight that shines through this box and penetrates inside the chamber during the winter solstice.

  • Loughcrew Cairns – What looks like a grassy knoll to the naked eye is actually one of the four main passage tomb structures in Ireland, that roughly dates back to 3300BC. There are several impressions of rock art (petroglyphs) found inside the tombs. 35m in diameter, the tombs are most famous for the equinox illumination at sunrise. The sunlight is said to shine straight through the tomb, lighting up what is thought to be solar symbols on the carved stones inside. As an incredible display of astrology knowledge of yesteryear, thousands of travellers from across the globe flock to the area to witness the sacred ritual. 

Where it began

Whether you’re visiting by yourself, with your friends or bringing the kids for a holiday, visiting sacred sites in Ireland is simply a must. From the cobbled streets and stony castles, to ancient monuments shrouded in mystery, a good place to start would be County Meath.

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