Our top 10 Irish Wedding Trends for 2019

Wedding season is well under way for the thousands of couples who will get married in Ireland in 2019. Weddings are changing every year, for the couple getting married and of course the guest. So what are the big wedding trends of 2019 that you should expect. Here is our top ten:

trim castle in snow

  1. The Christmas Wedding

Expect to get a lot more invites for Christmas weddings this year and next. A lot of couples are opting to get married at this time of year as they are almost guaranteed that all of their guests will be available to attend their wedding (people will be off work and those who live abroad will be home). Check out the amazing Christmas packages available at the Castle Arch Hotel here.

mix and match bridesmaid dresses

  1. Multi Coloured Bridesmaid dresses

This is a trend that will come into its own this summer. Different dresses with different tones but all on the same colour spectrum so that they compliment each other perfectly. Think lots of shades of pastels, different tones of blue or green and even different shades of Ivory and white.

lomg sleeve dress

  1. Sleeves

This trend started a few yeas ago but will continue again in 2019. Romantic long sleeves and backless dresses are all the rage now! If you are going for overall coverage then no need to worry about the dreaded fake tan.

detachable skirt

  1. Detachable Feathers

This is big on the wedding dress scene now. A detachable skirt of feathers that can be added to the waist and taken off for the dancing later on. It adds so much glamour to any dress.

gin bar

  1. Bar Carts

We have seen ice cream karts, burger vans etc at weddings but now its time for the bar carts. A big addition to any wedding arrival reception now is the gin trolley or whiskey trolley. Gin is so popular at the moment that your guests will love you for it! The Castle Arch Hotel can offer you a custom pop up drinks reception of your choice for your big day.

flower wall

  1. Floral focal points

Flower walls, moon arches, floral centre pieces or handing pieces are big right now. Especially for the vintage look and that extra wow factor. Try Petals and Pressies for all your flower needs.

first look kaelin justin andria linquist 2

  1. First look photos

First look photos are perfect for the couple who want to have that special moment private. Who, would prefer to savour each others reaction without having the entire family gawking at them. First look photos are also great if you are having pictures before the ceremony- then you can enjoy spending time with your guests before dinner and not worry about flitting off for photos. The Castle Arch has plenty of options for photos including Trim Castle and our very own secret garden.

smoke bombs

  1. Smoke bombs for the photos

These are not recommended if you are doing the photos before the ceremony but they are amazing and add so much colour to any pictures. Ask your photographer about working with smoke bombs.

minimoon cody black on unsplash

  1. The Mini Moon

The best way to chillax after the wedding rather than hopping on a flight straight away to Mexico. We live in a beautiful country with beautiful hotels so book yourself a relaxing couple of nights away with your new spouse before heading off on the big one!

trash the dress

  1. Trash the dress

We love this new trend- a lot of photographers will now offer you a trash the dress/suit photo shoot. Whether its jumping into the nearest lake with your dress/suit on or running through a forest full of dirty leaves- these are pictures that you won’t get to take on your wedding day, and you get to dress up again! Who doesn’t love that idea!

For whatever trend you want to keep up to date with, you will always find helpful and professional wedding experts at the Castle Arch Hotel. Visit them at any time to discuss your big day. They can be emailed on weddings@castlearchhotel.com or call 046 9431516