Weddings are a regular on the list of things to do in Meath for tourists from around the globe. If you’re looking for abundant romance, old world charm, scenic beauty that will take your breath away and all the amenities and luxury you could possibly need, Meath is bound to electrify you.

If planning a holiday well in advance, Meath is the ideal location, as it is never exposed to weather extremes. The coldest times of the year are in January and February, and any bride interested in a summer wedding will love the warm radiance in July and August. Although Ireland is well known for being a rainy country, it is more likely to rain in the winter than the summer, so planning ahead with a weather forecast should do the trick for the ideal outdoor wedding.

Meath is home to some of the most sublime luxury hotel accommodation around, and wedding parties are treated to the ultimate in service and attention to detail. Whether you’re booking rooms for families or individuals looking for luxury and opulence, there’s something to suit everyone. Ladies will enjoy the spa facilities at Knightsbrook Hotel, while men can enjoy a round of golf on the sprawling grounds to relax in the afternoon. It’s also affordable, as wedding party discounts can be arranged too.

When touring the country, you’ll be able to feast your eyes on some of the most beautiful and historical sights in Ireland, from castles to cathedrals and ancient battlefields, conjuring a sense of wonder and magic conducive to the fairy tale experience you deserve. You’ll also be spoilt for choice when it comes to finding elegant wedding venues in Meath, as there are a host of locations that are dazzling and capable of making your day a memorable one.

Hotels in Meath are geared up to give you all the royal treatment you desire on your special day. Castle Arch Hotel only hosts one wedding a day so that you can rest assured that all the attention needed is solely focussed on you – which is how it should be. You’ll enjoy a red carpet welcome, champagne, personalised menu, table planning, your own management team and more – all ensuring you experience one of the most memorable things to do in Meath ever.