Anyone who has booked hotel accommodation in Meath during the month of October knows that you have to attend at least one Halloween event. The Irish landscape is a truly perfect setting to create something eerie and spectacular. Farmphobia at Causey Farm is one such event.

This usually friendly and scenic farm will turn into a spooky and thrilling destination where you are guaranteed three things - scares, fun, and laughter. Navigate your way through the Bone Valley Graveyard where your heart will pound in your chest and follow the cortege into the darkness, where anything can happen.

Guests will also walk through the haunted house of Clonbrehan, which is where Mary Moore still pines over her lost love. The activities continue with the option of riding on the prison camp truck, seeing the entertainers at the Cirque de Lune Noir, or showing no fear in the Canyon of Carnage.

The House of Horrors is a fan favourite and will certainly have you shrieking at every corner while the new maze is sure to leave you terrified and shivering. If you want more information on this event, simply head to for all the relevant contact details.

Should you still not have booked hotel accommodation in Meath, contact a representative at Castle Arch and we will gladly assist you.