You've chosen Castle Arch as your conference venue in Meath and are gearing up for the event of the year. The problem is, you don't have much conference planning expertise and are worried that others aren't going to be blown away with the experience. Don't worry, Castle Arch isn't just about luxury hotel accommodation, we also employ experienced and professional staff who can assist when it comes to both conferences and weddings. We will make sure that the venue is up to your standards and makes the right first impression, but the content you provide to your guests is up to you. To further help our customers, here is a list of some of the best tips to follow when planning a conference:


  • Give yourself time:
    Depending on the size of the event, you should start planning months in advance. You could even set things out over a full year if the importance of the conference is great
  • Entice people to sign up:
    The best way to do this is to offer some kind of reward or incentive. Maybe give a discount on the entrance, or if it is for staff members, provide them with a short day before the conference.
  • Shake things up:
    Remember, everyone soaks up knowledge differently so cater for everyone. Having a guest speaker who just hogs the mic for two solid hours might work for some, but music, video, and illustrations could work for others. Try to include all of these elements to keep people interested and entertained.
  • Work out a schedule:
    It is never a good idea to just go with the flow. People want to know what will be happening throughout the day and when they are entitled to a break. It is also important to remain on schedule, and plan times for when people can ask questions.
  • Start with a bang:
    Remember, the introduction to your conference will either make or break its success. You need to rope everyone in and ensure that they are interested in finding out more. If you achieve this, then your conference is almost guaranteed to be a hit. A strong finish is also essential as it will leave a lasting memory and already have people waiting to sign up for your next event.


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