Ireland is often described as one of the most beautiful destinations in the world. The flowing hills, historical architecture, and misty skies create a picture of mysterious elegance that’s well-suited to a traditional Irish wedding. When it comes to choosing a location, most brides look for a fairy tale setting to create the perfect atmosphere on their special day.

For most couples, their wedding is an unforgettable occasion, and finding the right venue is absolutely vital. In this magnificent country, there are several gorgeous locations and Celtic traditions that add a little something extra to that special day.

1. A Celtic Ceremony

An Irish nuptial is an elegant way to tie the knot. The colours, the speeches and the “craic” all make these weddings truly unique. While it’s possible to hold a traditional ceremony just about anywhere, it’s always more memorable with the beautiful Celtic countryside all around you.

2. Ancient Architecture

Celtic architecture is truly unique. The iconic cathedrals with sweeping chapels and gorgeous stained-glass windows create an unforgettable ambiance that’s ideal for weddings. When searching for the ideal venue in Ireland, it’s easy to find ‘that’ church because there are so many picturesque options throughout the country.

3. Stunning Scenery

The Irish have been blessed with heavenly hills and beautiful beaches that make exquisite backdrops for your timeless wedding photographs. Whether your setting is inside an old castle, or out in a lush meadow, you’re sure to have unforgettable reminders of your special day.

4. Irish Food

Celticcuisineis a hearty option for wedding ceremonies; you can look forward to a delicious menu that will have your whole party coming back for more. Whether you fancy a “Dublin Coddle” or the more traditional corned beef, the delectable meal options in this region will have your guests happy and your pallet pleasured. The Irish have served up some of the best chefs in the world, so you’re assured of a delicious spread.

5. The Craic is Mighty

When visiting Ireland, people often hear the term “craic”. Loosely translated, this local slang means “fun enjoyed in a social group” but the real meaning is more complex, and often specific to the county or town. One thing you can guarantee is that in Meath the craic is mighty, and choosing a Celtic location means that your special day will be filled with joyous laughter and a warm atmosphere.

Why choose Castle Arch?

All brides know that choosing the right venue is as important as deciding on that perfect dress. Obviously, the destination is not all you’re looking for, and you might require a tailor and planner. Fortunately, the Staff at Castle Arch have all the aspects of your special day covered.

From dressmakers to chefs, the hotel professionals will see to your every need. In addition, the venue has a wide variety of wedding packages that extend from preparations to the reception.

Contact us to book your venue and accommodation, and enjoy an unforgettable Irish wedding.