As far as wedding fashion, food and photography go, there are a few key trends emerging to take note of for wedding planning in 2018. Here are our top seven inspiring finds.

1. Stylish separates for bridesmaids dresses

It would appear that one-piece bridesmaid dresses are 'so last season'; this year, brides are free to play around with stylish separates to create a unique look for their bridal party.  


    (Image: Coast)

2. Bridal body jewelry

How gorgeous is this silver backdrop necklace and shoulder necklace from Blair Nadeau Millinery? These unconventional statement pieces can be used to add a touch of the decorative to any wedding dress – be it a simple, classic piece, or something more elaborate and/or bohemian.  

shoulder necklace rose gold

(Image: Blair Nadeau Millinery)

silver backdrop necklace

(Image: Blair Nadeau Millinery)

3. 'Drip' or 'naked' wedding cakes

Gone are the days of the heavily-frosted and over-the-top wedding cake. Instead, trendy bakers are opting for fairly minimalist wedding treats - like the 'naked cake'. Here cake layers are left exposed under a sheer coating of icing. These enticing constructions demonstrate that, at times, less is often so much more. That said, the versatile and fun ‘drip cake' looks to be another hot favourite for weddings celebrations in 2018.




drip cakes

(Image: Ibiza Wedding Guide)

4. Bold and happy wedding decor

Popular pastels will be replaced with deeper and bolder colour palettes in 2018; these bold tones will translate into floral arrangements, wedding stationery and the general colour scheme for the Big Day. Textiles will also be rich and mixed. There are rumours that marble and copper are the go-to decor items for table settings this year...


wedding table decor copper

(Image: Haniel Singh Photography)

5. Drone photography takes off 
Using drones for wedding photography and videography is a creative and fun alternative for capturing 'out-of-the-ordinary' wedding pics and videos. Photographers no longer need to hang from ridiculously high places to take the perfect shot; they can, instead, put their drones to use to capture wedding pictures with interesting depth and perspective.  
Wedding photography with drones

6. Cocktails and drink options 
As far as wedding trends in 2018 go, some things may be getting simpler, but you can be sure that people's drink preferences aren't. Mixologists note a resurgence of interest in craft gins infused with all matter of fruits, citrus, herbs and spices, while Rhum Agricole, a flowery and more delicate alternative to the traditional sweeter Demerara Rum, is also gaining popularity as a spirit for easier-drinking cocktails.

Wedding drinks


7. Destination weddings

We think that destination weddings will still be a popular option in 2018. If you're planning a destination wedding in Ireland this year, you'll be spoiled for choice when it comes to wedding venue options. Read our blog on the top seven things to look out for in a wedding venue to help you with your decision.

destination wedding in Ireland

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