Here in the Cusack Hotel group we are committed to ensuring our staff, guest and customer safety. We have developed these guidelines which we are asking all guests to read before arriving to our hotel.

Our Responsibility:


Our entire team have completed back to work health and safety induction and we are following all return to work protocols from the HSE.

Guest Guidelines

·         All guests are asked to maintain HSE guidelines and maintain social distance from staff and other guests at all times. Posters will be on display in public bathrooms to inform of good hand hygiene, respiratory hygiene and cough etiquette

·         Guests are required to inform a staff member, if feeling unwell at any stage throughout their stay or if a temperature develop is present or develops.

·         An express service for check out will be provided by asking guests to process payment prior to arrival or on arrival to allow a speedy check in and check out without queues forming. Upon departure guests can drop keys in a dropbox at reception. Receipts will be emailed.

Accommodation & Cleaning

Our guests safety is of utmost importance, we have procedures in place to ensure the highest standard of cleanliness and hygiene are met.

Procedures for Cleaning Bedrooms

·         Guest bedrooms and bathrooms will be deep cleaned daily

·         We have implemented full procedures for sanitising guestrooms including all touch points e.g. remote controls, handles, light switches

·         Door handles & doors will be disinfected daily

·         Bedrooms will be sprayed with sanitiser after cleaning

Public Areas & Cleaning in the hotel

·         Hand sanitiser will be available in various points throughout the hotel.

·         Management team will check all public areas every 30 minutes 

·         All public areas will be deep cleaned on a daily basis

·         Elevator and Elevator buttons will be cleaned and sanitised daily

·         All door handles & handrails will be disinfected at regular intervals.

·         All public areas will be routinely (at regular intervals) be sprayed with sanitiser


Food & Beverage Service:

·         Dining options are available for table service from our restaurant daily.

·         Tables will be distanced from each other adhering to Government guidelines

·         Regular cleaning and sanitising of tables throughout the day and after each use




Consider the following advice on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 infection.

·         Wash hands properly and regularly

1.       Before and after eating or drinking

2.       After going to the toilet, nose blowing, sneezing or coughing

3.       After cleaning procedures, handling waste and waste bins

4.       After handling contaminated (dirty) items

5.       Whenever hands become visibly dirty

6.       If in contact with a sick person, especially those with respiratory symptoms

·         Cover mouth when coughing and sneezing:

·         Cover nose and mouth with disposable tissues – if you don’t have a tissue, cough or sneeze into your arm or sleeve (not hand)

·         Place used tissues into a sealed bin – wash your hands

·         Avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean

·         Review travel guidance from your own country’s Department of Foreign Affairs and the Irish Department of Foreign Affairs


If you are in a high risk group, consider if travel is in your best interest. Discuss your concerns with your doctor by phone and keep your distance from people who are sick.

Those considered to be at higher risk for COVID-19 include the following:

·         People aged 70 years and older

·         People with long-term medical conditions – for example, heart disease, lung disease, diabetes or liver disease



·         A cough

·         Shortness of breath

·         Breathing difficulties

·         Fever (high temperature)


We look forward to welcoming you to the Cusack Hotel group. These guidelines will be updated in accordance with government and HSE advice. For questions on any of the guidelines above please contact us 046 9074100.