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What hotel in Meath is reasonably priced?

If you're planning a trip to Meath and are looking for a hotel that's reasonably priced, popular and full of the comforts of home, Castle Arch Hotel is the ideal choice. Only 35 minutes from Dublin, this elegant and luxurious setting is ideal for locals and guests from around the globe.

Set in the heritage town of Trim, the hotel boasts a serene setting entwined with historical significance. Ancient castles, mystical landmarks and important heritage sites all serve to create a sense of intrigue and wonder, with local food and drink on offer to tantalise.

At the hotel itself, 21 rooms offer pristine comfort with various suites available - catering to the needs of families, single guests, professionals, couples in love and more. Each is decked out with elegant décor pieces designed to maintain the exact level of luxury and comfort one would expect to find at an establishment like Castle Arch.

Enjoy tea and coffee facilities, a multi channel television, essential items like a trouser press and hair dryer, and a Jacuzzi bath, which is only available in certain rooms. All this comes with excellent in-house service and package deals created to ensure each visitor gets the best value for money around. You'll be pressed to find another venue of the same stature offering better accommodation deals.

Email Castle Arch now to find out about regular specials and package deals, and make your reservation at one of the most reasonably priced hotels in Meath. To be first in line to find out about last minute deals and specials, also sign up for the free newsletter at